22 December 2023 (12:45) by GM Rlx - 50 lvl for new characters!

To ease discovering the server for everyone and also for testing purposes, since now, every new character will have 50 lvl and proper skills (75) and mlvl (50 / 15 / 5). 

Make sure to download and exchange OTC/Tibia 8.00 dat and spr files to avoid glitches once custom item occur. 

Join our discord channel to keep the track on changes and development of Rafidea, where your opinion really matters!

Happy Christmas hunting!

Welcome to Rafidea 8.0! 
This is a custom server to chill and have fun with unique mechanics with Christmas atmosphere!
At this moment the server is merged to newer engine and we are actively working on fixing bugs and adding new content before more official start in the new year. 

Before entering game remember to download custom sprites and exchange them in a folder of your Tibia 8.0 or OTC client (data/things/800).

Here everyone can have an impact on the server content!

See you!

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