Quests Information Page - Rafidea 8.0
Name: Level: Location: Rewards:
Kaslow key-Kaslow south gate NPC RomanKey 302 to trolls and ghouls
Obsidian Knife Quest-JungleObsidian Knife
Mandrake Quest-Jungle 'Banuta' CorridorsMandrake, Tribal Mask, Magic Alchemy Clay
Life Ring Quest-Kaslow UndergroundsLife Ring
Secrets of Undeads-Cave near Kaslow, Undead Spotsvarious
Hydra Egg-JungleHydra Egg
Elrond's Request 1-Loren, outside east gate8 Orichalcum Pearl, 2 Magic Alchemy Clay, 40k XP
Elrond's Request 2-Loren, outside east gateMagic Alchemy Clay, Mandrake, 45k XP
Old Widow at Od Tower-JungleKnight Legs, Steel Boots
Romeo's Tragedy-Kaslow sewersRose Shield, 15 Platinum Coins, Piggy Bank
Corrupted Tower-LorenMagician Hat, Fire Axe
Dragons Nest Quest-Dragon Highlands4 Small Diamonds, 7 Talons, Fire Axe
Scorched Adventurer-Path of Flames2 Magic Alchemy Clay, Golden Legs, Family Brooch, possible other random items
Marsh Library Key-Great MarshCrystal Key: 3700
Holy Tible-Great Marshthe Tible
Dwarven Pickaxe-PlainsDwarven Pickaxe
Dwarven Axe-Kaslow MinesDwarven Axe, Noble Armor, Guardian Shield
Beginner Quest #18Rotwormsbasic vocation equipment, runes, Piggy Bank
Present for my twenties20Kaslow rune shopLife Ring, Piggy Bank, Spellbook, 10 Platinum Coins, 40 light mana rune
Beginner Quest #222Cyclop Mountainbasic vocation equipment, runes, Piggy Bank
Crystal Wand Quest35Ancient TombsCrystal Ring, Crystal Wand
Magic Alchemy35Cydonia, Baro BaroMagic Alchemy Catalyser, Magic Alchemy Clays
Orc Fortress Quest40Orc FortressKnight Armor, Knight Legs, Fire Sword
Minotaur Citadel Quest40Minotaur's Citadel2 Crystal Coins, Magic Alchemy Clay
Tomb Graves45Ancient TombsPiggy Bank, 80 SD, Ice Rapier, 50 Super Mana Runes,2x 10-25 random gems
Black Knight Quest50Cyclop Mountain UndergroundsCrown Armor/Shield/Helmet
Hero Quest50Evil Sanctuary6 Small Rubies, 4 Small Sapphires, Fire Sword, Might Ring
Necromancers Quest60DesertSkull Staff, Medusa Shield, Blue Robe
In a Way to Demons60Evil SanctuaryWand of Inferno
Hidden Gem80Evil Sanctuaryrandom Gem
Parchment Quest80Evil SanctuaryGolden Key: 5000
Banshee Quest80Kaslow UndergroundsStealth Ring, Stone Skin Amulet, Giant Sword, Boots of Haste, Tower Shield, 100 Platinum Coins
Behemoth Quest80JungleDemon Shield, Golden Armor, Guardian Halberd, Platinum Amulet
Pits of Inferno80Various LocationsCrystal Boots, 60k, 2kk EXP, 8 Magic Alchemy Clay, 15 Signs of Lord, Frozen Starlight, Dragonfetish, random Gem, Magic Sulphur and one of: The Avenger, The Cataclysm, The Arbalest
The Legacy of Pharaohs1007 various locations7 parts of the helmet, 7 Mystical Eggs, others
Hydrolator100JungleBoots of Haste, Ring of Healing, Stone Skin Amulet, 5 Crystal Coins
Annihilator135Evil SanctuaryDemon Armor or Magic Sword or Stonecutter's Axe or Devileye/Ancient Rune/Annihilator Bear
Demon Helmet Quest140Evil SanctuaryDemon Helmet, Demon Shield, Steel Boots
Saphael's Throne140Saphael UndergroundSoft Boots, Crown, Red Piece of Cloth, Piece of Royal Steel, Yellow Rose, 5 Crystal Coins, Green Dress, Berserk Potion
Malak's Insignia190Ancient TombsDwarven Armor, Ornamented Ankh, Holy Falcon
Necromancer Shield Quest [REP]220Ancient TombsNecromancer Shield, Platina Scepter, 3 Magic Alchemy Clay, 4 Crystal Coins or later 2 Magic Alchemy Clay (daily)
The Chaos Pit325DemonicaBox of Excellence +4, Golden Horn; random Excellent Ring or 4 Magic Alchemy Clay

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