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Find Anvani to the south from temple in Kaslow (main city), Nefri at Loren or Bashaar in Cydonia, Perun at Hunter Clan's hideout under Outlaw Camp and Albrecht in Guild of Mages, accessible in Cydonia from lvl 100.
Tasks from Anvani, Nefri and Bashaar are the same and are only able to be done once, but missions from Albrecht or Perun are repeatable intinite times.

There are no level requirements for all tasks.

NPC Keywords

Keywords Action
taskPick a task to start.
stopStop current task - the progress will be saved.
listSee all tasks and rewards listed in a window. WARNING Tibia 8.0 cilent users - use 'cancel' or esc button to exit this window - using 'OK' button crashes the client.

Task NPC - Anvani, Nefri

Monster: Exp Reward: Cash Prize: Item Reward:
25 Trolls1.800 EXP500 gp8 IH Runes
40 Rotworms5.000 EXP1.500 gp-
50 Ghouls4.500 EXP800 gpLife Ring
65 Outlaws7.000 EXP1.000 gpPiggy Bank, Plate Armor
100 Tarantulas12.000 EXP1.200 gpSpider Silk, Time Ring
150 Wild Animals12.000 EXP4.500 gpFur Boots
100 Cyclops15.000 EXP1.500 gpPiggy Bank, Cyclops Trophy, Berserk Potion
100 Scarabs15.000 EXP2.500 gpScarab Shield
115 Turtles17.500 EXP-Magic Alchemy Clay, 4 Turtle Shells
150 Dwarves20.000 EXP-Magic Alchemy Clay, 4 Dwarven Beards
150 Elves20.000 EXP-Magic Alchemy Clay, Flask of Warrior Sweat
150 Minotaurs20.000 EXP-Magic Alchemy Clay, Minotaurs Trophy
200 Low Undeads34.000 EXP5.500 gpSimple Fanfare
177 Djinns37.000 EXP-2 Magic Alchemy Clays, Djinn Blade
130 Vampires55.000 EXP-Blessed Wooden Stake, Vampire Shield
160 Necromancers120.000 EXP-Simple Fanfare, Boots of Haste
200 Ice Witches100.000 EXP20.000 gpFrozen Starlight
170 Wyverns110.000 EXP-Composite Hornbow
100 Dragons70.000 EXP10.000 gpDragonbone Staff
200 Ancient Scarabs170.000 EXP20.000 gpSapphire Amulet
340 Mid Undeads240.000 EXP10.000 gpMary Jane, 100 Dark Mushrooms, Skeleton Decoration
160 Giant Spiders170.000 EXP20.000 gp4 Spider Silks, 2 Green Pieces of Cloth
200 Crystal Spiders215.000 EXP-3 Magic Alchemy Clays, Key Ring
180 Heroes250.000 EXP-Golden Fanfare, Crown Armor
200 Black Knights320.000 EXP20.000 gpGolden Fanfare, Crusader Helmet
200 Dragon Lords420.000 EXP-Golden Fanfare, Royal Helmet
350 Frost Dragons735.000 EXP60.000 gpDragon Scale Mail, Stuffed Dragon
266 Serpent Spawns650.000 EXP60.000 gp2 Rings of Healing
250 Hydras525.000 EXP50.000 gpGolden Fanfare
330 High Undeads880.000 EXP-Magic Alchemy Clay, Ornamented Ankh, Voodoo Doll
333 Behemoths1.000.000 EXP-Steel Boots, Obsidian Knife, 4 Berserk Potions
450 Warlocks1.800.000 EXP-Golden Fanfare, Astral Pants, 100 SD Runes, 30 MW Runes
300 Furies1.200.000 EXP-Beach Backpack, Crown Legs, Crown Helmet, Crown Shield
500 Ultimate Undeads2.050.000 EXP40.000 gp2 Magic Alchemy Clays, Black Gem, Voodoo Doll
500 Yetis2.250.000 EXP-Skullcrusher, Bunnyslippers, Fur: Backpack, Boots, Cap
666 Demons4.000.000 EXP-Golden Fanfare, Mastermind Shield, Magic Plate Armor
280 Hellhounds2.000.000 EXP-Royal Fanfare, Demonbone Amulet, Berserker
300 Undead Dragons1.900.000 EXP-Royal Fanfare, Dragonfetish, Skull Helmet
800 Deepwaters5.500.000 EXP-8 Magic Alchemy Clays, Sapphire Amulet, Crystal Key
500 Tarkan Guardians8.000.000 EXP70.000 gp7 Magic Alchemy Clays, Glyph of Might
600 Omnizards9.700.000 EXP80.000 gp10 Magic Alchemy Clays, Glyph of Hope

Guild of Mages - Albrecht [REPEATABLE]

Monsters: Exp Reward: Cash Prize: Item Reward:
250 Reptiles: Serpent Spawns, Hydras400.000 EXP10.000 gpGolden Fanfare, Cobrafang Dagger
400 Abyssals: Deepwater Hunters/Mystics/Ravagers/Phantoms1.800.000 EXP30.000 gpRoyal Fanfare,5 Fish Fin
350 Mutants2.800.000 EXP60.000 gp2-4 Magic Alchemy Clays, 8 Signs of Lord

Hunter's Clan - Perun [REPEATABLE]

Monsters: Exp Reward: Cash Prize: Item Reward:
700 Hell Servants: Diabolic Imps, Hellfire Fighter, Furies, Demons, Hellhounds, Juggernauts2.300.000 EXP100.000 gp200 Super Mana Runes, 100 Infernal Bolts, Royal Fanfare, 3 Magic Alchemy Clays
850 Dragon King Minions: Dragon Lords, Frost Dragons, Undead Dragons1.700.000 EXP50.000 gp200 Assassin Stars, Dragonfetish
350 Forgotten Guards2.800.000 EXP60.000 gp3 Magic Alchemy Clays, 6-9 Signs of Lord

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