In order to play you need: Tibia client 8.00 with a compatible IP changer or OTCV8 (it has actual .DAT and .SPR built in - just unpack and run) or OTCV8 mobile (android) and mandatory custom .DAT and .SPR files.

You can also find server's full minimap (minimap.otmm) in the link below. For OTC type %appdata% in any folder direction field, find OTClientV8 -> otclientv8 and paste it here. Path should look like this: C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Roaming\OTClientV8\otclientv8


How to connect and play:

  1. Install Tibia client 8.0 or OTCV8. Paste downloaded tibia.dat and tibia.spr to tibia data folder (overwrite old ones) or data/things/800 if you use OTCV8 client (if your OTCV8 data doesn't have 'things' folder - create it with '800' folder inside). For android client download .apk file (it has sprite files included, ready to play after install).
  2. Don't worry, using our .dat and .spr will not affect gameplay of other 8.0 servers with basic sprites.
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